What Makes Sentosa Island a Favorite Among Marine Enthusiasts

Donald Reynolds

Sentosa Island is a tiny island that offers a host of attractions for the pleasure of millions of tourists that visit the place every year. Once upon a time, it was a small fishing village. However, at present, the island has been converted into a major recreational hub. There are innumerable tourist spots in the island that makes it one of the most attractive places to visit while in Singapore. The island is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for the amazing man-made attractions in it. Today visitors can stay in one of the best hotels near Sentosa to enjoy an excellent stay. No wonder that Sentosa is one of the key destinations for all tourists who are visiting the country. In fact, some of the tourist attractions in the island are quite uncommon and seem to be strange.

Here are some of the major attractions of the island that makes it quite popular for marine enthusiasts.

Underwater World

This is truly beyond comparison with the other oceansriums around the world. It is the home for more than two thousand and five hundred fish belonging to around 250 species. This is one of the places that are much loved by the marine enthusiasts. Tourists can enjoy some of the most intriguing sea creatures such as starfish, stingray, eel and shark, not to forget big schools of fish.

Dolphin Lagoon

Do you love watching the dolphins even while you are swimming in the lagoon? Here is an excellent chance of doing so in the Sentosa Island during your stay. You can enjoy your swimming with the friendly and adorable pink colored dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon while touring the Sentosa Island. If you are a marine enthusiast, how about watching these brainy Humpback Dolphins from such close quarters? You can also attend different sets of training, feeding and interactive sessions that have been exclusively designed for showcasing the sharp mind of the dolphin.

Musical Fountain

Any visitor who witnesses this unique blend of sound, light and laser extravaganza will be thoroughly dazzled and completely enthralled with the beauty of it. This is a multi-media musical show that lasts for about thirty minutes. The spectators of the show are taken through an exquisite journey to explore the mysterious Sentosa. While watching this spectacular show, you would be meeting ‘Kiki’ a hyperactive monkey, dancing jellyfish and Octopus, the charming Princess Pearl with amazing special effects such as water jets and fiery flames.

The pristine beaches

The island is famous for some of its beautiful beaches that have been the preferred choices for its tourists always. Some of the popular beaches of the Sentosa Island are Tanjong, Siloso and Palawffan beaches.

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