Unleash the Secrets of Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy

Donald Reynolds

Platelet rich plasma injection treatment is an innovative non-surgical therapy that is introduced by advanced medical technology. According to researches platelets are found to possess some healing quality along with the functionality of blood clot formation. Platelets not only stop bleeding but also are found to release certain growth elements called as cytokines for healing the tissues that are injured.

How does the platelet rich plasma injection therapy work?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy treatment requires a very minimum amount of blood, which is maybe 20 cc from the patient. This blood sample is then taken to the lab where it is placed carefully in to a centrifuge and is spun for fifteen minutes approximately. Then it is removed from the apparatus as a highly concentrated rich platelet gel. This gel obtained is a wonderful medicine that can be applied over injured and damaged tissues. The tissues start healing with stimulation of the platelets and growth of cells. While concentrating the platelet count 10 times in the blood it equally enhances growth elements, which attracts cells for producing new fascia, bone or tendon extensively.

Step by step procedures of the PRP treatment

Advantages of platelet rich plasma therapy

Risk factor

Since the platelet rich plasma injectionis a non-surgical treatment the risk factor is very low compared to any other options available. This therapy utilizes own cells of the patient for healing; therefore it reduces any complications or risk factors which might arise from foreign anti bodies reacting to the person’s immunity. PRP is an amazing therapy that increases rate of tissue repair by producing large number of platelets that absorbs stem cells.

Treatment time

The platelet rich plasma injection treatment period of time is very shorter than any other forms of therapy. It does not require any anesthesia or hospital stay and the entire treatment procedure will take only two hours to complete.

Post treatment

The PRP Therapy does not require doctor visits multiple times after the process. Usually your Doctor will recommend two to three shots to be taken within six-month period of time and will not suggest doctor visits post treatment.  

Multiple benefits

The platelet rich plasma injection therapy has gained much positive response in treating multiple health issues. People are opting this therapy for treating their skin, hair fall problem, orthopedic injuries and many more health-related problems.

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