Steamboat Buffets for Special Occasions

Donald Reynolds

A special occasion calls for a celebration. If taste is the first factor of consideration followed by efficient service and a pleasant ambiance, listed below are four steamboat buffet that fit the bill.

1. Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant: There are two outlets, one on Somerset road and the other on Orchard Turn. The steamboats are unique and delicious and the soup bases offered here range from Ginseng chicken soup to Sichuan Spicy soup. The meat served is juicy, fresh and tender. Priced a little higher, the Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant is ideal for a dinner date on special occasions. A dish most frequently ordered here is the cuttle fish noodle which comes wrapped in a plastic bag. For those who scrunch their faces at the thought of vegetables, the Tianjin cabbage served here will transform you into a vegetable lover.

2. King’s Laksa Steamboat: Located among the line of shop houses, the cozy dining restaurant in Serangoon area is the ideal place to celebrate a special occasion. The unlimited food served here is one of the best steamboat buffets in Singapore. Each soup dish is partitioned to hold two soup bases. The choices include 5 varieties: Sze Chuan Spicy Mala, Signature Laksa Broth, herbal, chicken and seafood soup. There are over 80 fresh ingredients to choose from. If you are weary of the spice range, the heat can be adjusted to personal preference.

3. Xian De Lai: A favorite among locals, Xian De Lai serves tasty steamboat buffets that will make you a regular here. The quality and taste of the steamboat here is unchallenged and consistent whether it is your first visit or your tenth. There is a separate section for sauce mixing where you are free to create your own masterpiece spice sauce. The noodles are freshly prepared If you aren’t in the mood for a steamboat, the cooked food list is also quite impressive. A must try dish here is the pork belly or kong boa.

4. Steamboat buffet: Last on the list, but definitely the top contenders for tasty steamboats in Singapore, the Steamboat Buffet serves delicious food late till 1am every day. The selection of sea food includes prawns, crabs and other types of shell fishes. The open air seating adds to the charm. Offered here are five varieties of soups: tom yum, herbal, chicken, mala and pork. The dish is split into two, and the soup is devoid of added MSG. If you want drinks with the buffet, extra charges are applicable.

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