Platelet Rich Plasma Injection – A Perfect Remedy

Donald Reynolds

Want to recover from your injury faster? Well then Singaporeans have good news to relax. Platelet rich plasma injection is in the headlines now because it has done good job to treat injuries.

Research says that world famous athletes prefer the platelet rich plasma therapy to heal injuries faster. Since many years Doctors have been relying on the injection to treat sports-related injuries.

Good news for Singaporeans here! The injection is now available in your city and you can avail it to cure your injury.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Shot?

Since the beginning we are discussing about platelet rich plasma injection but what it is. To understand this let’s look at science.

The liquid portion of your body specifically made up of protein and water is the plasma. It allows white as well as red blood cells to move throughout the bloodstream.

Platelets are forms of blood cells forming the blood clot, but they play the best part in the process of healing injuries. Doctors suggest PRP shot for damage or injuries in:

Does Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Work for Injuries Only?

We have already spoken a lot about platelet rich plasma therapy. But it is interesting for people in Singapore to know that few Doctors believe the therapy for:

Many Doctors prescribe the injection to patients to heal their wounds after the surgery as well. So see one injection for multiple problems.

What Are the Steps To Undergo PRP Process?

Basically, there are three steps in the PRP process. And remember many therapies require treatments for (4-6) weeks. The process is as follows:

Step 1 (Drawing Blood)

First step in the process is drawing blood from patient’s arm and then inserted to a centrifuge – it is a device that separate the fluids into varied densities via spinning rapidly.

Step 2 (Blood Separation)

Just see the watch for 10 minutes and you will notice the device has separated the blood in 3 layers:

Step 3 (Inject Into The Affected Area)

Last and obvious step is drawing the Platelet-Rich Plasma into the syringe followed by injecting into the affected area for healing.

The whole process takes nearly ½ an hour. But do remember maintenance treatments under the PRP process requires patients to sit in every (4-6) month.

Is There Any Side Effects Patients Face After the PRP Process?

As said the PRP Process requires one’s own platelets but research says patients don’t experience any side effect generally after the process. Nevertheless, sometimes one might face the following problems on the injected area:

But the cases are rare. Mostly patients are seen to resume their regular activities after undergoing the process.

What Is the Cost Of PRP Process?

PRP treatment usually costs on an average of about $2000. But the cost can again vary depending on the factors like:

Free of your worries and get treated with platelet rich plasma injection for your problem. So just chill and enjoy!

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