Heal Injuries with Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy

Donald Reynolds
Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy

Platelet rich plasma injection treatment has gained much popularity in recent years because of its effectiveness implemented in multiple fields for healing the injuries and inflammation. Many celebrities and sports personalities have recommended this PRP treatment therapy for healing diverse health conditions such as chronic knee sprains or tendon injuries and more. Researchers have revealed that our body is designed to heal by itself. And platelet rich plasma treatment uses this regenerative ability of our cells to cure injuries in the tissues.

What are platelet rich plasma injections?

With Platelet Rich Plasma treatment method a physician will inject the patient a concentration of his platelets for stimulating the healing process of the injured muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Thus the PRP therapy utilizes the healing mechanism of the individual person to cure many chronic musculoskeletal problems, hair fall, skin rejuvenation and other health related issues.

How is Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment performed?

Platelet rich plasma injection is prepared by drawing one or more tubes of blood from the patient to be treated for separating the platelets rich plasma from the blood with scientific procedures. These platelets that are activated are then directly injected in to the diseased or injured tissues of the body after numbing that particular area with anesthesia. The injected platelets start producing Growth and reparative cells automatically and the patient’s body starts healing. Although the exact healing mechanism of the PRP Treatment has not been analyzed, researches have revealed that maximizing the growth cells production can accelerate the healing procedure.

What is the various health conditions treated with platelet rich plasma treatment?

Tendon injuries

The platelet rich plasma injectionhas been found to be highly effective in treating chronic injuries in the tendons especially in patients involved in sports activities such as tennis, foot ball etc. Doctors have revealed that studies have confirmed the fact that the PRP treatment has healed severe inflammation in the patellar tendons and similarly many other injured tendons effectively.

Chronic muscle and ligament injuries

The platelet rich plasma injectiontherapy treatment has received positive reviews for treating chronic sports injuries. People who play or workout often experience injuries, tear and inflammation in the muscles and ligaments. The PRP has been used for curing inflammation and injuries of professional sports persons and athletes. Some of the chronic injuries due to pulling of hamstring muscles caused by sprains in knee and thigh etc. have shown improvement.


In recent period of time the PRP treatment has been used for helping the repaired tissues to heal post surgery. The platelet rich plasma injectionhas been used in the surgeries performed for repairing and healing ligaments in the knee and rotator cuff tissues. It has been recommended for repairing the tissues that are torn during the surgical process.


Physicians have found the PRP treatment very effective in treating arthritic health issues. The platelet rich plasma injectionhas been injected into the knees of patients suffering from osteoarthritis. The PRP injections are used for accelerating the healing procedures and often this process might take certain period of time for healing faster and speedy recovery.

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